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Step into the future era of motoring with Subaru’s cutting-edge line-up of electric vehicles. Join us on the green trail with the much-anticipated arrival of the 2023 Subaru Solterra EV SUV. Dive into a smart fusion of futuristic electric vehicle tech and Subaru’s well-recognized capacity for off-road pursuits underpinned by the characteristic all-wheel drive present in our EV assortment.

Why Choose Subaru Electric Vehicles

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Dive into the core traits that set Subaru apart – steadfast all-wheel-drive performance, superior safety enhancements, and unmatched reliability. These essential elements merge seamlessly with the innovative e-Subaru Global Platform, affirming Subaru’s esteemed position in the EV division.

Subaru Solterra

Savor the thrill of mastering Subaru’s flagship model in the all-electric vehicle category – the Solterra, which encapsulates the distinctive features of Subaru’s SUVs: unmatched off-road abilities, reliable all-wheel drive, and spacious interiors. Solterra takes these aspects further, opening up avenues for electrifying journeys into both known and undiscovered vistas in an eco-friendly, zero-emission vehicle.

Additional Solterra Highlights

  • Boasts a robust 72.8 Kwh Battery Capacity & Stardrive® All-Electric Drivetrain
  • Impressive Ground Clearance of 8.3 Inches
  • Comprehensive suite of EyeSight® Driver Aid Systems
  • Integrated X-MODE® with Downhill Assist Control


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Charging Your Subaru EV

Subaru simplifies your switch to electric energy via our client-oriented home charging solutions and expansive network. We are committed to providing a more sustainable alternative for your future journeys. Home charging systems are convenient to locate, cost-effective, and adapted to cater to your individual needs.


Your journey extends beyond home charging. Whether you’re exploring your local vicinity or embarking on out-of-state adventures, rest assured with the knowledge that:

  • Our partnership with EVgo provides you access to over 46,000 public charging stations, including fast Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) stations, capable of restoring up to 80% of the battery life in around an hour.
  • The Solterra’s fuel economy rating is commendable, extending to 94 miles on highways and 114 within cities..

Servicing Your Subaru EV

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When compared to traditional combustion engines, Subaru’s Electric Vehicles shine with their efficiency and hassle-free maintenance. The elimination of oil-based lubricants eliminates the need for oil changes. However, regular checks of tires and brakes are essential due to inevitable wear and tear.

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Subaru warmly welcomes our faithful customers and first-timers to experience the dawn of boundless electric mobility. Discover our range of electric vehicles, and get acquainted with the groundbreaking technology, and eco-friendly features that exemplify Subaru’s dedication to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Begin your journey into the world of electric mobility with us today.